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KbfxConfigApp Class Reference

#include <kbfxconfigapp.h>

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Detailed Description

Application Main Window.

PhobosK <phobosk@mail.kbfx.org>

Definition at line 82 of file kbfxconfigapp.h.

Public Slots

virtual void btn_DefaultClicked ()
virtual void btn_SaveApplyClicked ()
virtual void KbfxGetMoreThemesClicked ()
virtual void KbfxMenuItemChanged (int index)
virtual void KbfxNewsBrowserCompleted ()
virtual void KbfxNewsBrowserLoad ()
virtual void KbfxNewsBrowserOpenURLRequest (const KURL &, const KParts::URLArgs &)


void KbfxConfigDlgButtonChanged ()
void KbfxConfigDlgFontsChanged ()
void KbfxConfigDlgFontsDefaults ()
void KbfxConfigDlgStyleChanged ()
void KbfxConfigDlgThemesChanged ()
void KbfxConfigDlgTooltipChanged ()
void KbfxThemeDoInstall (QString &)

Public Member Functions

void browserInit ()
void handleCliArgs ()
void InitForm ()
 KbfxConfigApp (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags fl=0)
virtual ~KbfxConfigApp ()

Public Attributes

QString m_KbfxNewsBrowserAddress
QString m_KbfxNewsBrowserError
QString m_KbfxVersion
QString m_KbfxVersion2

Private Member Functions

void KbfxSaveFontsConfig ()

Private Attributes

KHTMLPart * browser
bool m_FontsPage
QString m_KbfxThemeFolderUrl
QString m_KbfxThemeUrl
bool m_PrepareOption
QString m_SpinxThemeBasePathTmp
QString m_SpinxThemeNameTmp
KbfxConfigDlgAbout * pageAbout
KbfxConfigDlgButton * pageButton
KbfxConfigDlgFonts * pageFonts
KbfxConfigDlgStyle * pageStyle
KbfxConfigDlgThemes * pageThemes
KbfxConfigDlgTooltip * pageTooltip
QString tmp_FontSpinxThemeBasePath
QString tmp_FontSpinxThemeName

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